How to pass AMSA inspection… the first time.

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The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is very particular when it comes to Safety Management Systems. Safety Afloat revels the top 3 common mistakes that can cause your SMS not to pass.

Number One:
Be sure your documentation is up-to-date with Marine Order 504. Yes, it’s another set of rules and regulations, but all states in Australia now have the same standards and it will help raise (hopefully) our Maritime safety all around Australia.

Yes, it’s a bit complicated. And Yes, EVERYONE HAS TO DO IT. Every year.

Number Two:
Be sure your equipment is not going to expire in the 12 months following your SMS submission. It’s surprising how many out-of-date fire extinguishers surveyors pick up.

Number Three:
Make any recommendations happen QUICKLY.

Don’t just think you can deal with it later, do it NOW. This week. It is super important. Do not insult your Surveyor by not taking his or her comments seriously.

Obviously there are a myriad of details that you need to get right in order for your SMS to pass on the first inspection. These 3 are just good ideas for everyone to keep in mind.

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marine pile driver
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