What you don’t know about your SMS can kill you

simple ferry pushSafety Afloat, the specialists in Australian maritime Safety Management Systems, warns that many SMS in Australia are lacking. A poorly prepared SMS can result in major headaches (or worse) for vessel owners.

“And it’s little wonder, as it does take quite a bit of effort and knowledge to prepare an effective SMS,” says Safety Afloat director Shawna Hartley. “Absolutely no one wants to go through the trouble it takes to reinstate a vessel after its certificate of operations has been revoked due to a poor SMS.



“Nor does anyone want to lose a life due to mistakes that a good SMS could have avoided.



“But perhaps hardest of all, is when your insurance company doesn’t stand behind you due to anomalies in your SMS. That can kill a business as well.”



There is no doubt about it, creating a good SMS starts with a clear document. Find out how good your SMS is NOW before it’s too late.



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simple ferry push
Safety Afloat are the Australian specialists at marine safety management systems