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Consultation on Marine Order 504

AMSA are making changes to Marine Order 504
(Certificates of operation and operation requirements – national law) 2018
  in order to clarify requirements for monitoring and accounting for passengers on domestic commercial vessels.
According to info from AMSA website;

“We will strengthen the existing requirement that the master must know the number of passengers on board at any time. We are also saying that the safety management system for the vessel must include a new procedure to make sure there is a way for the master to stay informed of passenger numbers.

Counting passengers

We will require operators of certain vessels to count all passengers on board a vessel. They will need to do this at any point where one or more passengers embark or disembark the vessel, including at the following times:

  • at a landing point
  • when they undertake a water activity.

The results of passenger counts must be recorded in the vessel’s logbook.”

You can read more on the AMSA Consultation Page  

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