Life-jacket Light – SOLAS APPROVED


  • Suits just about every life-jacket.
  • Easy to fit – simply clip on.
  • For commercial user/vessels: “In-date until Dec 2025”


Water-Activated & SOLAS Approved


  • Material: Plastic ABS/PS
  • Bulb: 1 * white flash LED – brightness not less than 0.75cd
  • 1 * CR14250 Lithium  battery included
  • Switch: automatically activated by water and manual turn off
  • Size: 60*27*36mm   Weight:  28g       
  • Runtime: at least 8h
  • Working voltage: 3V
  • Flash frequency: 50-70/min.
  • EC certificate and SOLAS approved.

Care & Maintenance:

  1. Life-jacket light should be stored in dry and ventilated environment and avoid storing in the environment of direct sunlight, fire, rain or damp. The activation contacts should not touch water whilst in storage.
  2. When large numbers of life-jacket lights are stored together, monomers should be isolated according to the requirements of the battery storage, thereby avoiding the risk of false triggering or short-circuited with random stacking.
  3. When checking the life-jacket light, switch off  immediately on successful test thus avoiding shortening the battery life.
  4. The maximum effective storage period of the life-jacket light is 5 years.


For large commercial purchases such as ferries, etc. contact us:


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